December, 2016 – WIS-25K Walnut In-Shell Sorter: 360 Degree View of Nut Raises the Walnut Sorting Bar!

For years Inspection Masters has offered State of the Art, NASA inspired, Technology in its line of In-Shell sorters for the Walnut Industry which catered mainly to mid to smaller processors. Now, IM has successfully raised the bar by demonstrating its new high capacity, 25,000 pounds per hour, WIS-25K Walnut In-Shell Line Sorter. The WIS-25K is an Industry First and views all sides of the nut, 360-degree view, via a “Rolling Cup” system to effectively evaluate and sort Walnuts in an In-Shell line. “Walnut processors told us that they would like to see a high-volume throughput In-Shell sorter that could view the entire nut to be able to eject as many defects as possible and reduce labor. The WIS-25K is our answer to this industry problem. We will bring the WIS-25K to market in 2017”, said IM President/CEO Roger Holt. Look at this video of the WIS-25K in operation at Sutter Foods in Yuba City, CA during the 2016 season.

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